Journey To Caprice

With Rena Johnson (Author, Photographer, Whosoever, Self-Sufficient Gardener) 

"Journey To Caprice" Novel Coming Soon !!

Caprice noun. 1. a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior

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In Today's World, we often hear people refer to the "the Grid".  They are usually referring either to the fear of a wide spread power outage due to terror attack or us running out of resources. Sometimes you will hear someone talk about a desire or intentional decision to  live a more self-sustaining  and independent personal lifestyle. 

We all know where the earth is headed if we don't do something. The good news is, we do not each have to rescue the whole world. We can just  make small changes in our own backyard and the ripple effect will be phenomenal.  

And its really not nearly as difficult as you might think. A child could do it. In fact, a  Child should do it!  If you have a child and want them to have a healthy, happy, secure future, start now teaching them how to take care of themselves in case of or to head off a national or worldwide disaster.  Furthermore, it can be a LOT of fun for them and for the entire family.  And whether you do it as a family or by yourself, the benefit can begin immediately. 

Let's begin that ripple effect now! Please share  your stories, ideas, questions, images of your success, life hacks and anything else you discover along the way that can make the world a better place. Let's help and encourage each other and together we will all be one step closer to a global rescue. 

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Post by Rena Johnson

Tomato Plants:

There is nothing quite like a tomato right out of the garden. Did you know the moment a tomato starts to cool down, it starts to lose its flavor? After 4 hours in a refrigerated truck or grocery store counter, its a pale comparison to what it would have been straight off the vine. The only issue we have here with tomatoes is getting them to actually reach the house! They never all make it. I confess, I cannot pass up the opportunity for that flavor explosion while still in the garden! 

Tomato plants yeild several tomatoes during the growing season. Seed that started it all about $.03. One plant could be used for multiple sandwiches, salads, salsas, etc.

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A Delicious Tomato Sandwich costs less than $.35 with just half of the ingredients grown at home. It would be $3.00-4.00 to buy in town at least and you can't put a price that amazing taste!

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Growing Your Own Small Square Grid of Veggies  could save you hundreds of dollars easily each year, not to mention the health benefits, the amazing taste and truly fresh vegetables, the oxygen produced by the plants, the exercise in taking care of them and pure joy of eating something you helped to create with your very own hands. 

What is your favorite kind of tomato or way to eat them ?

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