Journey To Caprice

With Rena Johnson (Author, Photographer, Whosoever, Self-Sufficient Gardener) 

"Journey To Caprice" Novel Coming Soon !!

Caprice noun. 1. a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior

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The Dust

By Rena Johnson June 23, 2020

I woke up this morning thinking about the dust. First the Sahara Dust and wondering how close it will come to where we are. The first wave will be to our west. The 2nd wave will be more to the east. Can I reach it? Can I see it? Should it be my first extended photo shoot back out there?

Then my thoughts moved on to another kind of dust. Its been a few months since I have been on a real shoot. When the virus came and shut down the country, the whole world really, I decided to take a hiatus from my work as well. Even though its often quite solitary, I felt now that everyone else was taking time off from work, I could do the same to get the full experience of this incredible time we are all experiencing. Even though a lot of it is horrible, it is also an extraordinary experience lost to those who refuse to be present with it. I am glad I chose to walk through it as I did. The break allowed all the dust of the last decade to settle. I can now see my photography, my art, my writing, in a whole new light. I am not the same artist I was a few months ago. The internal journey seemed to pick up its pace, even as I was taking a break. Isn’t that often the way of it?

So, as my own internal dust settles, I am making plans to go see the Godzilla of a dust storm that is headed our way. Will it reap havoc on our area? Will its sure size cause unexpected damage or will it merely pass over, as those under it barely even notice? I will protect my animals and garden just in case, but will grab my tent, camera and a notebook then go face it as it makes landfall. Experience, experience, experience. Isn’t that its all about.

Dust in the house. Dust on the gravel roads. Dust in the chicken coop. Dust of memories long forgotten. Dust on the skill set of techniques constantly used. Wipe away the dust and it all becomes new again. Then I go chase down its beauty, its intensity, its fervor, its shadow. Quick, grab the shot. The sunrise, the sunset. The incredible golden light as it goes from a couple of hours into a couple of days. What a reintroduction to the work I so love. Then as the dust departs, I will wipe away what remains and my work, my nature, my art, my soul will become new again.

A Town for Sale

By Rena Johnson June 16, 2020

The whole community was in an uproar. Who were these people storming into our little town? How dare they come in and call one of our pastors racist, how horribly mean is that? They want to buy the church on the corner, but he said it was not his to sell.

I am confused. I understand some unknown people want to buy this town, or at least the part of it that is for sale. Why was everyone so scared and upset? Were these mysterious people threatening to burn the church down or destroy the town? Were they offering a good price for the part of town that was for sale? It had been on the market for years, for how long I am not sure, but at least a decade as it was for sale when I first moved to the area. I went out there years ago and toured the whole area. It’s a very cute little part of town, not quite the movie set I imagined, from their descriptions, but quite charming just the same. At the time I had imagined what an awesome place this would be for retreats, workshops, or other festivals of sorts.

So much is going on in the world today. Everyone is scared of something, if not the virus, or the looting, then the inevitable change that is headed our way like a freight train, whether the majority wants it or not.

There is a higher power in charge and change is absolutely necessary and unavoidable at this point. However, we are each accountable for what we do ourselves. Will we be part of the solution or will we fight it all every step of the way? Will we stay under the control of some unseen, but heard and read power or will we recognize divine purpose behind the peace and recognized a new otherworldly government?

Will we rejoin the world one day as we try to pretend, even convincing ourselves that nothing has really changed? Or will we go start our own grid and succeed from any outside rule? Or will we simply homestead, pay Caesar his due but live in an otherwise totally self-sustaining, and ever-expanding world we create for ourselves? Can we maintain our standard of living, living off the grid? Will that standard go up? What will I personally decide?

What will my community do, if this place is purchased nearby? Will this new group set up home and begins to build their own little pocket of society? Will my family and friends fear the koolaid and move far away or will they instead, go buy food from their new little market open to the public? Will they be turned off by the rainbow colors of skin, the fear of the unknown? Will they allow the horrors of the daily news to creep into their hearts as well as their minds? Would it matter to them who these people are? Will they take time to get to know them or just shun them and run away? Does truth even matter? Is it worth exploring?

In the relatively short time I have lived here, I have truly enjoyed getting to know this area and the people here. They seem to enjoy me as well. We have such wonderful get-togethers, and so much in common. Our gardens, our hobbies, even our belief in God to a degree. I love having some of the kids over for campouts, smores and fishing. I enjoy taking the whole group of photographers out on the boat to captures scenes you just cannot see from the land. I even enjoy the community center potlucks, and hope they start up again one day. It warms my heart to hear their laughter and see the joy, love and kindness they show each other and me. I would like to continue to do all of this and more.

But how quickly will they turn on me when they find out its my name on the bottom of the property contract?


by Rena Johnson June 9, 2020 

We are in a major historical moment. We are living, being, believing, hoping, fearing, dreading, anticipating, We are. We just are.

There is so much going on in the world around us and yet for the most part, we are all left alone, each to deal with it in our own way.

In life, as we have always known it, our emotions have been connected to something we could see, or reasonably expect.

Our hope was based on something we could work toward. Our fear led us in the direction of avoidance or maybe courage to face the impending threat whether real or imagined. At least in our own mind, we had a real picture of probables.

Today’s world seems completely void of probables. From one day to the next, nothing is concrete.

Will the count go up or down? Will a new wave hit? Will I get the call today that my loved one has it?

Will the protesters make a change or give up to soon? Will the rioters destroy all hope?

Will the food I buy make my family sick? Will I ever buy anymore? Will the locusts which are currently devastating Africa come here, like the virus did? Will there be any food left? Will the plastic protect the food inside my greenhouse? Will enough people start their own gardens to offset the global crisis? Will God step in and help the meek turn the whole planet into a bountiful harvest?

Will the intense solar flares from the sun take down the grid? Will the world be closer than ever if it does?

Depending on who you talk to, all these things seem possible, but none of them probable.

So much emotion, so much chaos, so much feeling and being, but none of it based on expected future events. All of it based solely on this very moment.

But isn’t that how it should be? Have we all just finally woke up? Have we awakened to our own perception of how the world really is? Can we finally see that our perception is the one thing we should work on first – before any real change can come about?

There is one thing for sure. Probables are no more - only perception and only our own.

A New World

by Rena Johnson June 2, 2020

Listen intently to the birds as they chirp, sing and enjoy life in the trees all around us. They are oblivious to the sounds of helicopters somewhere in the distance. The assorted yellow, blue, white and orange feathers are such a beautiful contrast to the gray smoke streaming up from the horizon.

Here in this exact moment, its as if all time is happening at once. All past, present and future, everything unfolds and is all made clear.

One world is fading, slowly imploding upon itself while yet another arises, not from the ashes but from somewhere else entirely, a place that has always been and always will be, a place of peace, hope, faith and understanding. Even as the world around us is passing away, the real one slowly comes into view, but only to those few who are truly watching.

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