Journey To Caprice

With Rena Johnson (Author, Photographer, Whosoever, Self-Sufficient Gardener) 

"Journey To Caprice" Novel Coming Soon !!

Caprice noun. 1. a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior

Untitled photo

Please check out the images below that have been uploaded by myself and other members, friends and/or supporters of our "Journey to Caprice" online community. 

If you like to upload your own and do not have the link, just "Contact" me using the link at the top of the page and I will get the link to you.

Enjoy the images and every moment in your garden, large, small or anything in between !! Share your moments, your inspiration, your successes, even  your lessons learned if you want.

One Rule: Always be uplifting, supportive and look for the brighter side. This is NOT a critique area in any respect, garden, photography or otherwise. It is a share, encouragement and inspirational area! Join in :)

Have a question? Please ask it in the comments section underneath the images. 

Add Comments, Questions, Inspirational Stories, Successes and Lessons Learned. Always Be Positive. Any Negativity or Criticism Will Be Removed.

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