Journey To Caprice

With Rena Johnson (Author, Photographer, Whosoever, Self-Sufficient Gardener) 

"Journey To Caprice" Novel Coming Soon !!

Caprice noun. 1. a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior

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Excerpt from the novel :

Today, I begin a new journey. A journey to Caprice. A journey to a place I do not even know exists. We are all on this journey whether we know it or not. We might as well go together. Walk with me to Caprice. One Step at a Time.

Chapter 1 A Life Unmanageable

Chapter 2 Willingness to hope

Chapter 3 Allion

Chapter 4 Who Am I?

Chapter 5 Climbing Over the Wall

Chapter 6 Transformation

Chapter 7 Letting Go

Chapter 8 I Hurt Myself Most of All

Chapter 9 Make it Right

Chapter 10 The Process

Chapter 11 Growth

Chapter 12 Spiritual Awakening Into  A New Reality

Chapter 1         A Life Unmanageable

Jessie found herself on this very particular day, headed to the celebration and reunion of a family she barely knew, a family that seemed straight out of a mystery novel at least to Jessie, a family full of secrets guarded only by immense southern hospitality and politeness, a family who obviously judged Jessie as not quite good enough but also the family she had unfortunately inherited.

She pulled her Wrangler into the very first space she came to on the long driveway leading up to the house. She thought to herself, “At least I will be far enough away, maybe no one will notice when I make my early escape.”

She fumbled around in the Jeep, as though she was gathering her stuff together to bring to the party, even though her dish sat perfectly contained and ready on the seat next to her. She put an empty drink bottle in her trash bag, tossed some loose change into the center console, put some mail into the glove box, lifted up her visor and adjusted her rearview mirror. At that point, she realized she had run out of ways to procrastinate any further. With a heavy sigh, she opened the door, grabbed the dish, and uttered a half-hearted prayer. “Please let this be over sooner rather than later.” Then she gave a quick glance up toward the sky for emphasis, quietly pushed the door shut and started walking down the long driveway. The farther she walked, the more she felt an impending sense of not quite doom, but definitely change, as if she might never pass this way again.


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