Rena Johnson

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Our Beautiful World - One Definitely Worth Saving !

What is Caprice?

Caprice noun. 1. a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior

The Journey to Caprice is the process by which we all work together to achieve a common goal. 

The common goal is to have a more self-sustaining world in which we live. 

Trying to change the whole world is overwhelming when we think of all that needs to be done. However, if we each work together and take even the smallest of steps, the ripple effect would be phenomenal. 

Together we can: 

   Live Healthier

   Save Money

   Enjoy Life More

   Eat More Delicious Food

And by doing these small things together, we can also: 

   Eradicate Homelessness

   Offset Global Warming

   Protect Endangered Animals

   Conserve Wildlife Habitats

Together, with each of us doing our own small part, in the areas that matter the most to us as individuals, We WILL begin to see a world that is headed toward a Global Rescue. 

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